Why Train with Coach Erin & Team BBD?

Coach Erin, SAF Top Trainer of 2019 has coached numerous athletes for the stage and produce top quality, peak physiques. Her athletes receive monthly strength & muscle conditioning workouts AND nutrition plans to get stage ready. Athletes will be monitored weekly on progress, life skills, mind set, libido, hydration, sleep, energy, social factors and recovery -- using outcome-based decision making to obtain their absolute BEST physique. This is a 16 week program and clients must be within approx. 25 lbs. of stage weight (to be determined by Erin).

*option to purchase extra if required

Athletes must have most fundamentals of nutrition consistent prior to competing (e.g. food choices, eating behaviors, regular exercise / activity, mindset, sleep, life skills and supportive environment). A unique part of our Contest Program is every athlete is enrolled in our Balanced Bites Program encouraging a healthy mindset and relationship with food. 

Visit our Balanced Bites page to learn more.


"I worked with Erin to prepare for my fitness competition after taking a 4 year break from the stage. With her guidance I was able to present my best package to date! This was all done through proper nutrition and challenging workouts that  were fun and never boring. Erin pays close attention to the mental as well as physical aspect when it comes to training which I greatly appreciated. She is a supportive and encouraging coach whom I would highly recommend!" - Jessie Stearns SAF PRO

"Erin coached me through two bodybuilding competitions in which I placed top three both times. The second time I placed top three in the Elite category which was a huge accomplishment for me being in my 40’s. Erin is insanely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and I always felt very safe and cared for during the entire process. Having been a former competitor for many years, Erin also understands the emotional components of competing which is super important as it can be a very fragile time. Her years of experience can not be matched in Muskoka which is why I feel she is the go to expert in the world of fitness competition. - Jennifer Adair UFE PRO

"Have Erin as a coach!!!! She took my physique to a whole different level. From setting my competition eating plan week by week all the way to posing. She has a detailed eye and is always fine tuning everything, so you are at your best on stage. Also can't  say enough about her mental and emotional support along the way. She made sure I stayed on track physically, mentally and emotionally!" -Marisa Anderson SAF PRO


16 Week Contest Prep Package

C$ 766.15
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Stage Posing Session - 60 Minutes

C$ 70.00
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