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What Is Muscle Activation Techniques?

What Is Muscle Activation Techniques?

Matt Verboom, HBSc(kin), BEd, CSCS, MATcs, RTSm

Hello! I am a physical preparation specialist here at Body by Design (BBD). I am driven to help others achieve their health & physical fitness related goals. I take pride in being able to offer a unique skill-set of Muscle Activation Techniques (since 2013) and strength training (since 2009) always with the goal of providing the best client experience possible. 

Before life at BBD, I worked as a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) coach for McMaster University, Biotseel and Upper Canada College. Currently, I work as a S&C Service Provider for the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario and provide training, programming and physical testing services for our Provincial & National level amateur athletes. 

I thrive on helping others move forward on their journey to a healthier functioning body. I’m passionate about identifying and solving injuries, imbalances and compensations that become obstacles for people trying to improve their quality of life. I love the process of turning weaknesses into strengths by providing services that may range from an initial rehabilitative focus to long-term and well-structured strength training that is 100% client defined. Outside of work, I am a family man and love spending time outside with my wife, daughter, and our two dogs Colby & Axl on our country property in Muskoka.


What Is Muscle Activation Techniques?

What Is Muscle Activation Techniques?

What Is Muscle Activation Techniques?

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a revolutionary new manual therapy that identifies and corrects muscular imbalances. MAT looks at how all joints are interrelated and how abnormal mechanics in one joint may affect motion at another joint. MAT restores proper joint alignment and function, thereby, decreasing tightness/tension & pain and reduces the risk of injury. MAT is for everyone. Whether you are coming out of surgery, have repetitive stress injuries or experiencing pain, MAT can speed up the healing process by providing a more balanced neuromuscular system. If inhibited muscles are left untreated, the body can develop compensatory patterns that may accelerate the degeneration of joints or lead to other injuries.


90 Minute Initial Consult $100

60 Minute Session $100

*prices include HST


“I have suffered with back pain from a spondylolisthesis for well over 10 years made much worse by having big babies, chiropractic helped somewhat, I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, and the doctors only suggestion was pain pills. Most treatments were very short lived relief, I have a session with Mat every 5 weeks and we focus on touch ups and treating whatever I've beaten up in the past month from a physical job and children. We can't fix the underlying problem but what we are able to do is bring stability back to areas that are constantly over compensating and he gave me very specific focused exercises to do to help strengthen the areas of concern. That combined with your gym and personal training with amazing Tracy is keeping me off pain meds and moving decently well!" - Janine Saulter-Barnes